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Development Program

As your child moves up in gymnastics, their growing body will come to take on new challenges. Our development program focuses on every gymnast as an individual. Based on their age and skill level, our coaches can provide your child with a program that will encourage them to reach their full potential. Whether your child aspires to compete or simply wants to have fun, our gymnastics academy can provide them with the environment they need to thrive.

Girl’s Development Program

$105/month, 1 day a week
$142/month, 2 days a week
$164/month, 3 days a week.

Monday: 5 PM; 6:15 PM
Tuesday: 3:45 PM; 5 PM; 6:15 PM
Thursday: 3:45 PM; 5 PM; 6:15 PM

Your little girl can begin leaping, galloping, and tumbling her way to gymnastics excellence in our developmental program. She’ll master cartwheels, handstands, and the basics of dismounting, all while learning to handle each apparatus. This is an hour and 15-minute class for beginner to intermediate gymnasts 6 years old and older. Your child can attend 1, 2, or 3 days a week.

Boy’s Developmental Program

$100/month, 1 day a week
$143/month, 2 days a week

Monday & Wednesday: 6:45 PM – 8:15 PM

Your growing boy can channel his energy into developing his coordination and upper body strength. He’ll jump from one apparatus to the next, mastering the rings, vault, high bars, and much more. This is a beginner to intermediate class for boys 6 years old and older. It is an hour and 45-minute class that you can attend 1 day or 2 days a week.

Is the Developmental Stage Right for Your Child?

Our development classes are geared for girls and boys 6 years old and older. Many young students in our development classes have completed a program at the preschool level, but this is not a requirement. If your child has never participated in gymnastics, our developmental programs make a great place to start. We also offer competitive gymnastics programs for youngsters who are ready to advance to a higher and more challenging level.

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